Does this count as therapy?

This is a training video series and does not count as therapy. If you are looking for therapy, please contact your local mental health organizations for a lists of therapists in your local service area. You may also search Psychology Today's online directory for a therapist near you.

I have to do DBT treatment, does this count?

If you have been recommended to get treatment using Dialectical Behavior Therapy, this can be a tool to augment your treatment. However, this is not a substitute for Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Please talk to your DBT treatment team to see how this can help you in addition to your treatment plan.

Are you going to be my therapist?

Unless I am already your therapist and we are working together, this is not therapy and I would not be your therapist. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas, I bring in my educational and experience into the online learning modules that I will provide to you. However, this is not a therapy based service. This is a psycho-educational online training series. If you are looking for counseling and mental health service, please contact your local service provider. If you are in the state of Texas and looking for a therapist, you can contact me here.

How many lessons will there be?

Each module has a different number of classes within them, to complete all the modules it will take approximately 6 months.

Do I need any DBT experience?

Absolutely not! My goal is to make your life easier in parenting, in your relationship and as an individual dealing with life's roller coaster. You can sit back and learn a new skill each week that will be taken from a type of therapy called Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I will also integrate valuable skills and information from other therapy models including Interpersonal Neurobiology and Mindfulness.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Once you have purchased a course, there is no cancellation available at this time. This course will be with you for a life-time.

Do I need to download anything?

Nope. Once you have signed up, all you will need is your account login information and you will have everything you need to access the lessons.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes! Payments are made through PayPal or Stripe. PayPal is one of the largest and safest online payment processing resource that will protect your information. Stripe is a credit card processing company that keeps security in mind.